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painting and calligraphy


Calligraphy workshop : 25€/hour


Stéphane, specialised in painting and calligraphy, invites you to discover his artistic creations.

First of all working with walnut stain, progressively Stéphane's works, 'wallpapers' as he calls them, have brightened as Ecolines have become his creative material.

In his realm of minimalist painting, he uses little colour, prefering monochromes.

He plays with water, colour and light on a tight rope quest to purify his works.

With measured, precise gestures, he rapidly masters the flow of ink to trace the immediate expression of his artistic impressions.

He evokes stunning landscapes which have inspired him during his travels, emotions, souvenirs.

Principally on papier, sometimes on canvas, he creates screens of colours, the formal tools for his compositions.

A rich pallet spreads out with harmonious blends, elegantly fading tones, contrasting shades.

From one work to another, forms appear, suggesting stretches of curving land, seafronts, a skyline.

The frameworks which structure the works' space merge, multiply, are juxtaposed, criss-cross and break directional lines.

Silhouettes are suggested for interpretation, fading into the distance. Fragile forms, fleeting, ephemeral...

In response, graphic forms are drawn with a quill, letters appearing on certain of his works.

Stéphane Van den Driessche evokes a poetic, sensitive universe throughout the multiple aspects of his works, inspired by his travels.

Geneviève Gourvil

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