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Montolieu, village of books and graphic arts, is one of the most active cultural sites in the Aude, located 20kms North-West of Carcassonne. A new cultural impulse of activity has brought this charming, high-perched Mediterranean village, surrounded by the vineyards of the exceptional Cabardès area, to become a place of learning, collectioners and a meeting place for writers, readers, editors and craftsmen.

The history of the book village in Montolieu started in 1989 when Michel Braibant, a book binder based in Carcassonne and two booksellers from other regions, chose Montolieu to create a project which was dear to him : to transmit, teach and share with a wide public the arts of millenary forms of communication and bring new life to a sleepy village in decline. Montolieu has attracted librarians, booksellers, illustrators, graphic designers and printers from all over Europe with workshops, a graphic arts museum and numerous art galleries. All of these trades and crafts, past and present, maintain an imposing collection of rare and ancient books concerning a wide range of subjects from leisure to specialised research. The village proposes a rich program of workshops and training courses, exhibitions and conferences and a strong link has been established with the nearby Paper   Mill in Brousses where the secrets of paper making are exhibited and taught. Today, fifteen book shops are open all year round, proposing a vast range of new and second hand books with original editions and collections of rare or illustrated books.

When Montolieu became a book village, Stéphane Van Den Driessche, then 19 years old, hitchhiked to Montolieu from Redu (another book village in Belgium where he had being selling books). He fell under the charm of the village and the beautiful surrounding landscapes of vineyards and Mediterranean scrubland and firmly decided to participate in the new venture. After several trips between Belgium and Montolieu he opened his first book shop in 1996 called "Des Livres et Vous". He opened a larger shop in 2011 a few streets away :

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